Hong Kong Arts Development Council
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Policy & Research

Issues concerning arts and cultural development are at the heart of our mission. The HKADC is committed to conducting arts community-specific studies and surveys to collect and develop a base of well-collated and analysed data and views on the local arts scene. With this information the HKADC directly projects to the government the current status and demands of the arts sector and thus facilitates the formulation of the most appropriate measures and policies. Meanwhile, the HKADC has launched several archival projects to record the developments and achievements of the local arts sector, and to provide useful references for different arts research projects in the future.

Recurrent Research Project

Hong Kong Annual Arts Survey
The Survey aims to observe and understand the development trends of the local arts scene, and thereby providing useful reference data. Every financial year, data on the performing arts programmes, visual arts exhibitions, film festivals/themed film exhibitions held in over 250 local venues are collected, which include information such as the numbers and sessions of programmes, attendance figures, as well as the annual box office records of the performing arts and the film sectors.

Special Research Project

Audience Behaviour Survey
In order to examine the demographics of audience and their participation in arts and cultural activities, the HKADC plans to commission a research company every three to five years to conduct a large-scale audience behaviour survey. In 2015, the HKADC conducted the “Arts Participation and Consumption Survey” to study the characteristics of arts and cultural participants from different perspectives, including the population of potential arts and cultural participants in different districts and at different life stages. The HKADC intends to launch a new “Behavioural Survey of Arts and Cultural Participants” in 2020 to delve more deeply into the behavioural patterns of arts and cultural participants and their participation through online and other alternative channels, so as to facilitate the discussion and formulation of appropriate strategies for arts promotion and education.

Recurrent Archival Project

Year Overview in Arts
Through open invitation for proposals, the HKADC commissions arts practitioners, academic institutions or relevant parties to prepare feature articles that examine the significant works, phenomena and changes in different art forms in each calendar year. The commissioned papers would cover the important issues and/or individuals within the particular art form, and how those issues and/or individuals relate to the arts sector on the whole. Currently, the art forms included in this project are Dance, Drama, Music, Xiqu and Visual Arts.

Special Archival Project

Oral History and Archives Project
The HKADC plans to conduct video interviews with more than 70 veteran arts practitioners over the period from 2019 to 2024, and at the same time collect and organize relevant materials and physical objects. This project serves to preserve the historical moments of the local arts development through digital imagery and records.

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